My first campaign was in 2011 to oppose Larimer County Ballot Issue 1A, a sales tax to fund  jail operations.  I formed Jail Is Not the Answer - a 501 c 3.  The ballot issue was defeated, and this is the flyer used.

The proposed tax more than doubles funding for the criminal justice operations from sales taxes.

• Criminals convicted of serious crimes such as murder, rape and burglary are housed in state prisons – Not the Larimer County Jail.


• Many people housed in the Larimer County Jail are there because they can’t make bail.


• Many who have served time in the Larimer County Jail have become repeat offenders.


• Crime rates nationally and locally have fallen in recent years and are projected to continue to decline.


Let’s make a stand on our priorities as a community


Vote No on 1A Because Jail Is Not the Answer

Most Recent Campaign - Resist Larimer Jail Expansion - Spring 2019

The Larimer County Commissioners passed without voter approval an expansion of the jail.  


PowerPoint - "Jail, Bail and Your Tax Dollars" shown to community groups to explain my opposition to the jail expansion.

Why Criminal Justice Reform?

It wasn't until I went on a tour of the Larimer County Jail organized by the League of Women Voters that I learned that two out of three people in our jail are there simply because they can't afford their bail or can't meet the conditions set for their release. The pretrial population hasn't been convicted of a crime or sentenced to jail.  How long they wait in jail isn't a matter of public safety, but of their personal wealth. 


This needs to change. 


A stay in jail, even a short one pretrial, disrupts lives making it hard to recover.  People can lose their homes, cars and jobs.  

My Activism