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Hi! I'm Running for City Council District 4

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After having been an involved citizen for the past twenty years,  I've decided to take a more active role in city governance.     My background in accounting combined with my passion to find evidence-based solutions have propelled me to advocate for causes I believe in.  I would like to put my skills to work for you and this community which has given me so much pleasure.   

The Three Biggest Challenges for Fort Collins

The success of small businesses is challenging in the best of times, but 2020 was a devastating year for many.  Along with providing jobs, small businesses are incubators of big ideas.  New Belgium and OtterBox both began as small businesses, and look at them now.  Sometimes all that is needed for survival is help at the right time.   It is important that the city continues to focus their support on small businesses.

No city looks welcoming with boarded up store fronts.   

Helping Small Businesses Survive
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Unrestrained Growth

One of the nicest features of Fort Collins is the number of natural areas available to enjoy.  No matter where you live, a natural area where you can unwind and appreciate life is within walking distance.  Lately,  a building boom has engulfed our city.  Before approving yet one more apartment complex or housing development, Fort Collins needs to focus on purchasing undeveloped land within the city limits to use as natural areas. 

It is crucial for the city to balance growth with quality of life.


The minute the moratorium on evictions is lifted - whether it's April or not - those behind on rent payments due to conditions beyond their control will most likely be pushed out of their homes with no place else to go.  It's a short step from eviction to the despair of homelessness. 


The city needs to proactively work with local organizations to help all those who are under the threat of eviction.